MPG-CAPS scam comes to Thailand - December 15, 2006
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Rüdiger reports: The new " Fuel Freedom International" scam has arrived in Bangkok... A seminar was held last Sunday at the Chaophya Park Hotel to lure people from Bangkok into the put-a-pill-into-the-gas-tank-of-your-car-to-improve-the-fuel-mileage-it-gets-from-gasoline-as-well-as-reduce-emissions scam.

They prepared already pages in Thai and then there is the home page.

Then of course Google comes up with some interesting pages if you look for "MPG-CAPS" scam such as here and here. (Conclusion. On average, with the pill in the tank, we saw a drop in fuel economy by about 2mpg. There was no perceivable increase in acceleration or the ability to perform at-speed overtaking maneuvers. This pill is another scam. Don't bother with it.)
Websites : and

MPG Caps, or any of the other "pill in your fuel tank" products are the cheapest and easiest-to-find miracle cures for increased power and gas mileage. The products are simple. They're normally pills, in a pop-out wrapper just like medical pills, or in a bottle. They smell foul and the manufacturers claim that one pill per 20 gallons of fuel will give you increased power and performance whilst at the same time cutting your mpg (in some cases they claim up to 30%). Explanations range from "organic engine conditioner that improves fuel economy and power by creating a micro-thin coating on the combustion chamber allowing fuel to burn better" all the way up to the fantastical "nanotechnology particles that seek out and change the molecular structure of refined gasoline to make it burn more efficiently". Wow. Impressive stuff, but as always, it's nonsense. Typically these pills are biodegradable plant or sugar compounds laced with food colouring and some odd petrochemical to give them an official smell. They don't work and are simply yet another scam to make you part from your money.

ABC reported on a AAA test of the MPG Caps and found their claims to be invalid - ABC report
Texas recently closed down Bioperformance Inc. for fraud linked to their magic fuel pill - Report
For my test of the MPG Caps fuel pills head over to my Product Reviews page.

No shortcuts to saving money on gas - CNN, August 7, 2006

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