Radiation Optimum Neutralizer

'Radiation Optimum Neutralizer?' - October 22, 2004
A new pseudo-science product hits town!

More on the Radiation Optimum Neutralizer - October 26, 2004
Terry King comments on the Radiation Optimum Neutralizer: The photographs in the supposed proof are of red blood cells. There is no danger associated with their reproduction because red blood cells never reproduce. New red blood cells are created in the bone marrow to replace those that die. Why do both The Nation and Bangkok Post run so-called news items on scams such as this?

Electromagnetic neutraliser hits town
- The Nation, October 22, 2004
New technology has arrived in Thailand that its distributor says will allow people to talk on their mobile phones as long as they like without worrying about electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
Health Relations Co – the local distributor of the Electromagnetic Resonances Optimum Neutraliser (Emron)...
It was invented using nanotechnology by Russian scientist Dr Igor Smirnow...
"Callers who use phones for five or six hours a day will not be prone to headaches when they use Emron," ...

Something about the product is here and here and a bizarre pseudo-science proof here. The official site for the product appears to be here.

Dr. Smirnow, the inventor, uses another pseudo science belief to explain the product in this pdf: The radiation is still entering the body but the neutralizing effect of EMRON renders the radiation harmless. There is an obvious parallel here with the pharmacological strategy of attempting to protect against bacterial infection, for example, by taking vitamin C, to fortify the immune system, rather than by wearing a protective mask to simply reduce the intensity of the bacterial field to which a person is exposed.

Best of all is Dr. Smirnow's other incredible invention: Water Activator - During the process of activation the subtle low frequency electromagnetic field is imprinted into the water. It closely resembles the natural geomagnetic field found near the healing water springs.

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