Tallest control tower in the world

Variously called the "tallest" or "among the tallest," the air traffic control tower at Suvanabhumi Airport is being built by Aerothai.

Earlier: Control tower: A contract has been signed for construction of the world's tallest air traffic control tower, to be built at Suvarnabhumi airport. Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co (Aerothai) has signed a deal with the Siam Syntech-Unique Engineering consortium worth 574.8 million baht for the job. The project, due for completion by September next year when the airport opens, comprises a 132-metre-high tower with 2,600 square metres of utility space...

Right: The main control tower and one of the two smaller control towers at the junction of two wings.

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Diagram: Aerothai)

Control tower at Bangkok's new airport to be world's highest - TNA, July 12, 2004
This 'highest tower' project has long been delayed and is periodically announced like this...
...Mr. Vichet said that the foundation for the Bt751 million control tower were now being laid, and that the tower would be completed according to schedule by March next year in time for the airport's official opening on 29 September 2005.
While construction of the control tower has been plagued by delays, Mr. Vichet stressed that all the problems had already been smoothed out, and that the President of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co., Ltd, Mr. Priti Hetrakul, had offered a personal guarantee that he would resign if completion was behind schedule.
At 132 metres, the control tower will be the highest in the world, a factor which Mr. Vichet said would help attract international airlines and tourists to the new airport...

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Above: One of the six radar-repeater towers being built around the site.

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

November 1, 2004 construction photos
- Workers at rest
- Tallest control tower in the world
- Details
- Inside looking out
- Interior views
- The structure

August 31, 2004 construction photos
June 8, 2004 construction photos
February 9, 2004 construction photos
August 4, 2003 construction photos

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