“Get out” protesters

(Photo: Russell)

"Get out" protesters - January 20, 2006
Russell reports that there was a small "mob" on Silom on Friday. He writes: About 20 people wearing "GET OUT" shirts and jackets were handing out flyers in front of CP tower at lunch yesterday. At least as many photojournalists there as well. At one point there were up to 3 policemen there, apparently just seeing what was going on and phoning in their observations, before leaving.

Right: The flyer they were handing out.

The flyer references two websites: www.anticoup-network.org and www.nocoup.org (which seems to be the alternate address for the often blocked www.sep19.org)

Earlier: No Friday night "mob" - January 19, 2006
During this time of political tension, Fridays have become a time for rumors. Several readers reported rumors circulating that a protest group (or "mob" as Thais call it) had occupied Silom Road on Friday night, closing the road to traffic. Below is Silom Road at about 19:00--no "mob."

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

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