S.S. Ryndam university cruise, 1926

S.S. Ryndam university cruise, 1926 - December 2, 2006 In 1926, a group of university students traveled to Thailand on the Holland-America line cruise ship S.S. Ryndam. Wisarut writes: After I took a look at the Royal Diary of King Prajadhipok published in 1993 by National History Committee, Office of PM, I found that there was 560 American students visiting Siam from December 4-7, 1926. They rode the Paknam Tram from Paknam to Klong Toei before putting into Phyathai Hotel, Oriental Hotel or even Vajiravut College.
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  1. Helen V. Sullivan says:

    Informally reviewing my aunt’s University Travel Association log book: College Cruise Around The World 1926-1927 by S.S. Ryndam,
    University Afloat. The hand-written day-by-day account is interesting. I am transcribing the pages for my own family history interest .

    • Tamson Pietsch says:

      Dear Helen Sullivan –
      How fascinating! I am a university historian based in the UK and I’m very interested in this voyage. I’m wondering if you might email me? I’d be really keen to look at your aunt’s account. You can find my details at http://www.capandgown.wordpress.com

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tamson, My father and mother met on that cruise! According to family legend their first date was in the King of Siam’s chauffeured auto. He was a student at Stanford and she was a student at Mills College. Unfortunately an accident destroyed much of the memorabilia that we inherited. Would you happen to have a roll call of the students who were on Board?

    Thank you.

    Wendy Hebb

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am the grand daughter of two attendees in this trip,
    John Leet and Itene Haines. They met on the trip, eventually married. Irene was an amateur photographer and
    This was the trip of her life. She painted many pictures both from her memory and the photos she took.

    Upon her death, I ended up with most of the memorabilia.

    I would love to pass them in to a group to share with others…they certainly are not being shared sitting in storage.

    Feel free to contact me at the meek below.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My great-aunt was on this voyage. She collected postcards from each port-of-call and always looked on it as a special time!
    So excited to find this website!


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