Sex industry in the news

Sex industry in the news - December 13, 2006
Stories about the sex industry always contain strange assertions and peculiar opinions...

The two faces of Patpong - The Star, December 12, 2006
...From the point of view of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Mohd Said has got his comparison wrong, as Patpong is "no longer the Patpong of the past".
"That was a long, long time ago," explained Vunsadej Thavarasukha, TAT advertising and public relations department executive director.
"Thirty years ago, yes, Patpong was famous as a red light area where tourists can do 'monkey business'."
But now, Vunsadej insisted, most of the go-go bars have shifted elsewhere (i.e. to Nana Plaza at Shukumvit) and Patpong is a place where family-orientated tourists come for food, shopping and music...
Without batting an eye, he replied, "Yes, we still have go-go bars in Patpong but it is very rare."

No more Thai sex for SA - Citizen, December 13, 2006
... Suvit made it clear the administration, which came to power in a bloodless coup on September 19, aimed to curtail the sex trade.
"Prostitution is illegal in Thailand," he said. The South East Asian country's police force is being assisted by "tourist police", and will be further bolstered by specially trained volunteers.
He is due to announce further steps before the end of the month to tighten up on the policing of the sex industry...

Seedy sex resort home to hundreds of Irish - Sunday Independent, December 3, 2006

Thai sex workers are 'better off' in SA - Independent Online, December 24, 2006
One of many Thai prostitutes who have worked in Richards Bay for the past three years told Xolani Mbanjwa that they are illegal immigrants but that they would rather stay in South Africa than go back home...
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