The Vietnam challenge: Bye-bye sabai-sabai

The Vietnam challenge: Bye-bye sabai-sabai - Bangkok Post, December 25, 2006
...''First, Vietnamese salaries are almost half what Thais are paid. Second, on average, a Thai engineer works about 30 hours per week, while a Vietnamese engineer works 60 hours per week. They work six days a week and roughly 10 hours a day.
''In addition, our engineers have some other disadvantages. Number one is we are not disciplined. Number two, the attitude toward work is too demanding, since the IT market in Thailand is short of manpower. Staff turnover is high. Consequently, they are very demanding for benefits and compensation. Finally, our fighting attitude is not good. We want a high salary and we don't want to solve problems. Instead, we look at the technical problems as the challenges; we perceive them as an obstacle to our sabai (comfort).''...
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