Gor in jail

Gor in jail - October 31, 2006
Richard writes: I am not sure if you are interested, but I thought you might want to see www.ThaiPrisonLife.com as it shows a side of the Thai court system and Thai prison life not often experienced or read about. It is also an important chapter in the life of well-known Thai person.

From www.ThaiPrisonLife.com: ...When he was only 16, Gor became the youngest columnist at the Bangkok Post. Over a period of two years he wrote honestly about the ups and downs of his life. He wrote about his teenage marriage, the birth of his daughter and his most darkest secret. He told them that when he was 15 he became addicted to drugs. Unknown to his readers, at that time he was still struggling to quit. Shortly after his 19th birthday, he was arrested by the police for drug possession. His parents put their house up for the bail and a year passed before he had to go to court. On the 7th August 2006, the criminal court in Samut Prakan sentenced Gor to three years in prison. At 4.45 p.m. that afternoon, a new chapter opened in the life of Gor... 
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