“…a higher pitch of strain”

"...a higher pitch of strain" - October 30, 2006
Don points out this from the always amazing North Korean website: Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) -- The military moves shown by the U.S. imperialists jointly with the south Korean bellicose forces under the pretext of the DPRK's recent self-defensive nuclear test are, in fact, all-round preparations for a nuclear war against the DPRK. They are an unpardonable provocation pushing the situation of the Korean Peninsula to an uncontrollable worst phase by bringing it to a higher pitch of strain. So states Rodong Sinmun in a commentary Monday. Those who are fond of fire are bound to be burned to death. If the U.S. and south Korean war maniacs persist in nuclear war adventures, they can never evade the lot of destruction.
...No sooner had the present authorities of Japan come to power than they kicked up a noisy racket against the DPRK and Chongryon under the pretext of the "abduction issue" which had already found a solution. This is nothing but a sinister and base move of pro-U.S. charlatans to fish in troubled waters for a political purpose...
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