Thai Beat A Go-Go

Thai Beat A Go-Go - November 28, 2006
Brigitte writes: Hi, I don’t know if you’re aware of three CDs called ‘Thai Beat A Go-Go’ compiled by the Swedish label Sublimal Sounds. I just bought the first two volumes of this terrific collection of ‘60s Thai beat, garage and surf music – here’s what the booklets say: “What you are about to hear is a collection of rare and unusual, mostly western-influenced and western-styled, songs concocted in Thailand during the 1960s. Very little is now known about the Thai rock ’n roll scene of the 1960s, an era that now seems hopelessly lost in the past. The original records are so scarce that they practically never turn up, even in their native Thailand, and sadly few people remember the original artists.
Traditionally Siam has been separated from the west by many aspects of life, by language, culture, religion etc. But during the 1960s with the Vietnam war developing into full swing in neighbouring Vietnam, and Thailand itself filled up with American GI’s on R & R looking for kicks, the Thais became increasingly exposed to western pop music being broadcasted on the airwaves and being played in hotel lounges. Many of the local bands were of course influenced by The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Ventures and other big names of the day. Luckily most of the so-called “string band music” groups developed their own style through mixing pop sounds with traditional Thai music.” They’re available from Amazon (they also offer two CDs called ‘Cambodian Rocks’, which might also be of interest to you); sound samples of all tracks are available at a mouseclick at the German Amazon site (, which made me buy them instantly!
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