Thaksin’s Life in Cartoon Form

Thaksin's Life - November 18, 2006

Right: Thaksin's life: Cartoon version - History of the 23rd Prime Minister of Thailand whom has people who love and hate him. Finally his power was seized.

Left: Thaksin youth - Got a job being a hotel officer carrying trays to service the customers - Being a cook helper - Making breakfast for the guests - Officer of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Above: Chapter 9: The minute that changed the history. The story that they did not want to tell.
In the morning of Sep 20, 2006, Thaksin's power was seized!
Boy: Grandpa, why the TV have the announcement so often?
Grandpa: Eak, for this story the truth is difficult to tell. But you might see from the television some of it... It started last night at 9 p.m. on November 19 when the military seized the important places and seized the power of P.M. Thaksin.

Right: Thaksin foundation - But I don't think like that because the mission to help the poor that he has founded has not ended.

Setting a foundation is good but it is in a narrow sphere. Working in the status of P.M. might be wider.

So I think this hero for poor people will not desert the poor certainly. One day, I believe that he will come back.

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