Pibul cuts down trees

Pibul cuts down trees - October 4, 2006
We have heard this story before, but never seen it in print until now: Pibul ordered roadside trees cut down after his son was killed in an auto accident.
Is it true? When did it happen?

From Nui's rants about Thai history: ...Two periods of dictators seems to stand out markedly, that of Field Marshall P. Phibulsongkram, who had two terms of non-elected rule, nearly 16 years in total.
I remember my mother telling me a few stories about how he organized society back then. Two stood out, there was one about the ancient trees on Wireless Road that were razed down because his son was killed when his car rammed into one tree. The other story was about how he imposed a dress code so that the people can look modern...

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