Speed trap

Speed trap - October 14, 2006
Nekochan reports: I got a mail from a friend warning about a new highway traffic monitoring system. So, Thai highway patrol does not need to hide behind trees anymore.
The letter says: (my brief translation)
Dear Owner of 1301
On August 10, 2006 at 12:54 our laser monitoring system detected speed violation on highway # 2 at section 420-421 km, Noon Som Bun, Khon Khan. The speed was at 124 kph beyond the 90 kph limit.
Please report to Highway Patrol Police 2 (Khon Khan Precinct) within 15 days. The 400 baht fee can be paid via postal service.
Attached with a picture of the car!!
Very interesting! Foreign driver watch out!! You are caught on tape.

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