Thailand’s Prime Minister, a ‘Caretaker’ on a Roll

Thailand's Prime Minister, a 'Caretaker' on a Roll - Washington Post, September 16, 2006
...In the trunk of the now infamous gray Daewoo found near Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's urban mansion late last month was a bomb with a bit of everything. Weighing more than 10 pounds and packed with C4 explosives, military detonators and two sticks of dynamite with short fuses, it was hardly inconspicuous. Little wonder that Thaksin's detractors immediately labeled him a fraud, charging his camp with orchestrating a fake assassination attempt to curry sympathy with voters ahead of elections. Bangkok newspapers ran endless satires on the episode involving the man they have come to call "Thug Sin." ..."If the opposition thinks he is corrupt, then take him to court and prove it," said Samak Sundaravej, a Thaksin supporter and former Bangkok governor. "Democracy means the choice of the people, and if Thaksin is again elected, then who can say they know better than the people?"
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