“Sena Hoi is Too Dark”

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

"Sena Hoi is Too Dark" - September 4, 2006
This is an advertisement for an album of songs by Sena Hoi. Sena Hoi is a comedian and singer with a popular TV show. The style of song he sings are romantic longing love songs. His first album was very successful. This poster is for his second album Dumjung Sena Hoi which means "Sena Hoi is Too Dark" (Sena Hoi is known for having dark skin). One of the main songs on the album is Dumjung or "Too Dark."
Blackface depictions are not uncommon in Thai pop culture and despite the stereotypical motifs they show, most Thais do not have any particular feeling that they are inappropriate. Many Thai soap operas have used characters in blackface including Khao Nok Nah from the early-1990s.
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