Democrat plan hailed as good for the public

Democrat plan hailed as good for the public - Party says people's living conditions have worsened in past five years - Bangkok Post, August 6, 2006
Critics of the Thai Rak Thai government yesterday hailed the Democrat party's policies as appropriate remedies for current economic conditions. The opposition party believes the government's policies are taking their toll on people. Its latest campaign broadcasts on television have unveiled the policies it plans to implement if it wins the Oct 15 general election.
They range from raising the minimum wage to reducing electricity fees, bringing down oil and gas prices, setting up a sufficiency economy fund, and promoting free education and free health care.
The Democrats also plan to reorganise the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and PTT Plc, which party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said had earned huge profits that largely went to shareholders as dividends or ended up circulating back within the organisations. After the reorganisation the huge profits should be redistributed to the public, he said...
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