Thailand tsunami disaster scam letter

Thailand tsunami disaster scam letter - August 12, 2006

Keita .S. Zaghami.
Tel: +66-7494-5240.
Email: [email protected]
Dear Sir,
With due respect trust and humanity. I write you this letter which I believe, would be of great interest to you. I believe you are a highly respected personality considering a careful research which I have been able to make in respect to your kind of person, before I decided to entrust this transactions and database in your country into your hands which I believe you will not betray my trust and confidence already entrusted on you.
My name is Keita Zaghami. My mother and I sincerely need your help to keep my mother alive. I need your attention regarding my family business and current situation. And note that you have to handle this confidential and sincerely by not discussing it with anyone for security reasons and also to avoid any third party complications. I pray you will us down.
My mother is currently admitted in a private Hospital here in southern Thailand as a result of injuries sustained from the Thailand Tsunami disaster.
I am the only surviving child of my parents. Mr/Mrs. S. M Zaghami a citizen of Liberia, My late Father before his sudden death owns a Resort in the Phuket Island of Thailand. It is quite unfortunate that my father and my two sisters died of the Tsunami disaster that occurred in Phuket Thailand, 26th December 2004 and their bodies are yet to be discovered and my mother narrowly escaped death.
My father's business was raised down to nothing. But a deposit of 273.76366, 000.000 Thailand baht (7.5 M US$) which is the only document left behind for me and my ill mother at the moment. I was advised by my late father never to deal with Thailand people in terms of business. My mother and I in a mutual agreement want this fund to have two beneficiaries, as I am too young to handle the fund. So we can be able to transfer/Lift the money out of Thailand to your country in your name.
At present, I am the next of kin / Beneficiary to my entire father's wealth and I would like a meeting with you my mother and I so that we will discuss on how best to invest this money in your country. Moreover, you can indicate your option towards assisting us as we have mapped out 15% of the total sum for you as compensation for your assistance.
Reach us on this phone number: +66-7494-5240. Most preferably at night anytime from 22.00hours Gmt(10.00p.m) because at this time, my mother and I are usually together because she is free from medications at night except on sudden or unforeseen emergencies.
Your quick response will be of great benefit to us and please remember to include your full contacts details in your reply. May GOD Shelter and Care for you as you assist us.
Mail my private Email: [email protected] , Tel: +66-7494-5240.
Yours Sincerely,
Keita S Zaghami.
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