AIDS Prevention: A strategy that works

A strategy that works - New York Times, August 13, 2006

[The international press seems to always be a few steps behind when reporting on AIDS in Thailand. The story is that the Democrats in the late 1990s and especially TRT since then have largely abandoned anti-AIDS efforts and this has resulted in soaring infections in at-risk groups. The stats about the military cited in article are likely true--it was the military junta in early 1990s, startled by high infection rates among draftees, that first got behind the anti-AIDS efforts in Thailand and continues its own aggressive campaign inside the military. The rest of society has proved less interested in the problem.]

Twenty-five years into the HIV pandemic, there remain few developing countries that have had success in controlling the virus. Thailand is one of them.
In the late 1980s, Thailand experienced the first HIV epidemic in Asia, and one of the most severe. By 1991, 10.4 percent of military conscripts from northern Thailand were infected by the virus, the highest level ever reported among a general population of young men outside Africa...
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