Bangkok Clubs: The Survivors – A history of Bangkok’s oldest clubs

Bangkok Clubs: The Survivors - A history of Bangkok's oldest clubs - Bangkok Recorder, August 15, 2006
..."We've cut many things," explains David. "Originally... you could hold the bottle for three months, but four 'working girls’ would take three months on one bottle. Now it's only one month...
...“Now, corruption has come back. And, as you know, there's after-hours bars all over the city. And they will never let QBar and Bed stay open late because neither one of us are really willing to pay a third of our income - we won't do it.
...“They should be applauding bars like Q Bar and Bed Supperclub, as international clubs in Thailand, bringing in the world's best DJs and better drinks. They should be supporting these kind of bars. But instead it's Nana Plaza and Patpong."
...“So, then they came up with the new law: everybody has to have an original passport. Which of course is not a law. Every embassy in the world will tell you not to carry your passport. So they brought that law on the spot and they took hundreds of people to jail. We had the Israeli ambassador in the club that night. He had diplomatic immunity, but they took the papers and threw them on the floor... it was bad...

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