Wat Yannawa tenants fight back

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Wat Yannawa tenants fight back - Bangkok Post, August 14, 2006
...The temple management has a different view of what should be done with the area. It argues the shophouses are run-down and wants to clear them and build a six-storey commercial complex with an underground parking lot...

It is no wonder that the wat would wish to redevelop the shophouse area. This could be a key commercial area since it fronts the newly refurbished piers under the Taksin Skytrain Station that, incredibly, have clear and complete informational signs in English. This is finally making the riverboat system accessible to a wider number of tourists.
It is unfortunate that existing tenants can only call for such a key potential commercial area to remain a row of dark and run down buildings instead of being invited to join in redevelopment of existing structures.
There is also the issue of the "Sathorn eyesore," so-called because the hulking derelict high-rise can be seen when traveling down Sathorn Road. We are not aware of any redevelopment plans for the site which is just across from the wat.
Kudos to the Post for being the only English-language source for these community development issues in English. The Nation ignores such stories probably not realizing how popular a subject they are with foreigners who like to bemoan greedy institutions evicting long-time residents.
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