“Natives of Paklat Pounding Rice”

(Photo: Undated postcard)

"Natives of Paklat pounding rice" - June 23, 2006

Jerry notes the date on the left side: "06/1905"
Heinrich writes: The writing is in Suetterlin, an old German script. I learned it in school back in the 1950s... my mother still writes like that.
The message on the postcard is:
"Bangkok, den 06. / 19.05.
Lieber Wilhelm!
Sende Dir von hier die herzlichsten Gresse Dein Fritz
Es ist sehr warm hier 40 - 50 Grad
Viele Gruesse an zu Hause"
That roughly translates to (note the date!):
"Bangkok, 19. May 1906
Dear Wilhelm!
Send you the most sincere greetings from here
Your Fritz
It is very warm here 40 - 50 degrees
Regards to the family"
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