“Laos is going to the World Cup”

Above: Poster for Mak-te Lok Talueng (lok = world, talueng = be amazed). The tag line of the film is "Laos is going to the World Cup"

Officials in Laos yesterday warned that the Thai film "Mak Te" ("Football") could jeopardise diplomatic ties - The Nation, May 13, 2006
..."Mak Te" is a comedy about the Thai and Lao football teams, in which the Lao team makes it to the World Cup. Lao authorities say the movie mocks Laos and puts the team's success down to its Thai coach. Several of the Lao players dye their hair to look like Western football stars and the team practices in a freezer container to get used to cold weather...

Lao officials and film producer to find way to end conflicts over Mak Te - The Nation, May 15, 2006

Earlier this month:
Cambodia fumes at 'disrespectful' Thai ghost movie
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