William L. Monson vs Thaksin

Here is a legal filing from 1996 82 Wn. App. 699, CTVC v. SHINAWATRA
...First, plaintiffs cite Dr. Shinawatra's admission that he used Video Link employees to bring large quantities of cash from Thailand to purchase equipment and pay operating expenses for the Enumclaw studio. Of the two transactions that plaintiffs cite, only one has -anything to do with Washington. That is a description of the transport of $80,000 to help fund Video Link operations in Enumclaw. Arguably, this is a purposeful contact by Dr. Shinawatra. He directly sent money to fund the joint venture activities conducted in Washington...

American businessman files criminal charges against embattled Thai leader - AP, May 3, 2006
...The legal wrangling goes back to 1989, when he claims Thaksin--then starting to build his telecoms empire--violated an agreement to jointly operate a cable television enterprise, seized transmission equipment and levied criminal charges against Monson, his company and his staff.
Both parties filed several lawsuits against each other in Thailand and the United States.
Monson's successful, Seattle-based Clearview TV Cable company moved into Thailand in the early 1980s and forged a joint venture, Video Link, with Thaksin's Shinawatra Computer and International Broadcasting in 1985.
Thaksin was initially able to facilitate the required official approvals of the deal, but then the government halted it. Thaksin and Monson negotiated another agreement, hoping to restart operations.
Monson says Thaksin abruptly violated the agreement, and announced that he, Thaksin, would operate the cable system alone.
Thai police, Monson says, then broke into his offices to remove transmission equipment while his manager was taken to jail and warrants were issued for Monson and criminal charges levied against him, his company and staff. A Thai court later dismissed the charges...
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