Thailand’s ‘tough but fair’ lesson for the US

Thailand's 'tough but fair' lesson for the US - Bangkok Post, May 18, 2006
[Expect lots of letters to the editor questioning the various peculiar assumptions.]
...Essentially, the USA is facing a similar situation to what Thailand has recently been through _ the presence of a large number of illegal migrants that cannot simply be deported, despite the demands of certain political groups, because it is practically impossible. What's to be done instead is an exceptionally provocative political issue domestically. What is initially necessary for a saner, more realistic debate on ''immigration'' issues in the USA is to be clearer about the terms and parameters of the political debate. At present, it is a rather convoluted one, with everything lumped into the ''immigration'' category which makes the issues unnecessarily emotive. It is necessary to be clear about distinguishing between 1) relatively short-term migrant work and 2) permanent immigration, i.e. that directly leading to citizenship...
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