A tale of two newspapers: Did Sophon leak?

A tale of two newspapers: Did Sophon leak?
Sophon says Thaksin trying to discredit him - Bangkok Post, May 27, 2006
Caretaker Senator Sophon Suphapong has alleged caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra invented lies to discredit him after he exposed the ''Finland Conspiracy,'' a five-step plan allegedly adopted by the government to take control of the country...
Mr Sophon said the true story was that Mr Thaksin had asked to dine at his house four years ago and confided in him about the Finland Conspiracy. Social critic Prawase Wasi was also at the dinner table, according to Mr Sophon...

'PM should back off or I'll reveal his secrets' - The Nation, May 27, 2006
...Sophon yesterday denied ever having leaked the so-called Finland Plot and dismissed allegations he had asked Thaksin for a large amount of money and been refused.
Thaksin told his Cabinet on Thursday Sophon had fabricated a story about the so-called Finland Plot because he was angry he had not received a large amount of money from Thaksin that he had asked for.
"I have never thought about setting up a fund by asking for money from the PM," Sophon said yesterday.
"I have never entertained such an idea, particularly with this PM. Thaksin is making up stories to ruin my reputation,'' he said...
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