Accept sex workers, says Lascelles Chin

Accept sex workers, says Lascelles Chin - Jamacia Gleaner, April 11, 2006
...Citing Thailand as an example of a nation where the profession is accepted, though not legalised, Mr. Chin said that country has been able to achieve 100 per cent condom use among its sex workers...
The LASCO chairman said Thailand has been able to reduce its HIV/AIDS infection rate because of the proactive approach it has taken. He noted that the country had about 140,000 new infections each year. However, since its Prime Minister became the head of the National Aids Committee and the government and private sector got together in an effort to fight the disease, the new rate of infection was reduced to 18,000 in 2003.

And a response: No to Thai prostitution model - April 16, 2006
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