On the forum: Boonrawd Breweries

On the forum: Boonrawd Breweries
The document link has some interesting tidbits. We would love to find a copy of the label mentioned in this passage: The National Archives documents show that the Boonrawd Brewery Co., Ltd encountered several problems during the 1930’s. The letter from Phraya Thepahasadin, director of the company, and M.P., to Luang Tamarongnawasawadi, Secretary-General of the Cabinet, dated on September 26, 1935, revealed that cheap and bad quality imported beer by Thailand competed with the company’s beer. He pointed out that the imported beer used for their trademark pictures of Thailand’s three famous ministers, namely Phraya Phahon, Luang Pradit and Luang Phibun. He asked the government to investigate. The cabinet meeting report held on October 4, 1935 reveals that these three ministers were not aware of the situation and had not granted permission to use their pictures.

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