Thailand’s “northern border with China”

Thailand's "northern border with China" - March 9, 2006
Don Entz notes the mention of Thailand's "northern border with China" in the Asia Security Monitor article: Thailand has no border with China.
Thailand struggles with North Korean refugees - Asia Security Monitor, No. 155, March 1, 2006
February 19: Thai officials are now seeking to boost security on their country's northern border with China in an effort to block a steady stream of illegal North Korean immigrants. According to the Bangkok Post, after gaining entry most of the refugees surrender to local Thai police in hopes of being processed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and sent to South Korea. Since 2003, authorities in the Thai province of Chiang Rai have arrested 227 North Korean defectors, shipping 166 of the 227 to Seoul and keeping the rest under detention. According to police reports based on interviews with the detainees, most of them slipped into China before boarding Chinese cargo ships to take them along the Mekong River to Muang Mom across the river in Laos' Bokeo Province. Police have warned boat-owners that their vessels will be seized if they are caught aiding the defectors and workers on Chinese cargo ships could face imprisonment.
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