Saxena could be killed or tortured in Thailand, court told

Saxena could be killed or tortured in Thailand, court told - Bangkok Post, February 1, 2006
...Lawyer Russ Chamberlain argued that Mr Saxena would be tortured in Thailand, where human rights were abused and prisoners routinely beaten, shocked with cattle prods and placed in metal cages, the Vancouver Sun newspaper reported...
''To be electrocuted in the genital area would shock the conscience of any fair-minded person, in my respectful submission,'' Mr Chamberlain told a panel of three judges in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday, the report said.
He also said his client would be discriminated against in Thailand as an Indian foreigner.
"There is some evidence that Indians are on the lowest scale of people who live in Thailand,'' Mr Chamberlain said...
"There is a risk that Mr Saxena will be killed extra-judicially,'' Mr Chamberlain said. Reading from an affidavit, he said people would rather see Mr Saxena dead than testify against them in court...
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