Fake passports made here a hit in London

Fake passports made here a hit in London - Bangkok Post, February 13, 2006
...It was difficult for police to catch them because the gangs printed the fake passports at night in rented publishing houses in the city. Chinese and Pakistani counterfeit gangs operated in Bang Rak; Indian, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankans in the Pahurat area, and Africans (especially Nigerians) in the Nana and Thong Lo areas.
These gangs used the latest technology to produce passports which were close to flawless, he said.
Other gangs operating on Khao San road were selling counterfeit passports for roughly 8,000 baht each to tourists wanting to rent vehicles and rooms and commit credit card fraud and to illegal Shan and Karen workers in need of Burmese passports...
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