Bush recalls the capture of Hambali in Thailand

Bush recalls the capture of Hambali in Thailand - Scoop.co.nz, by Richard S. Ehrlich, February 13, 2006
...Immediately after capturing Hambali in room 601 of the Boonyarak Apartment block in Ayutthaya, he disappeared under U.S. custody and has not been publicly seen since -- amid speculation he was being tortured via a "rendition" to Jordan, or caged for brutal interrogation by Americans in Guantanamo Bay, or on the U.S.-occupied Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, or in Bagram, Afghanistan. ..."Hambali planned to carry out bombings in Thailand against the US and British embassies, nightclubs in Phuket and Pattaya, and the Israeli check-in counter at Bangkok's Don Muang airport," London's Sunday Times reported in October 2003, citing Hambali's purported "interrogation transcript".
"Hambali and two Al Qaeda assistants also considered attacking an Israeli restaurant with a Star of David above it, in the [Bangkok] backpacker area of Khao San Road," the British report said.
The popular restaurant, in a street perpetually jammed with thousands of tourists and Thais, has since removed its large six-pointed advertisement.
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