Hong Kong’s Magic Kingdom struggles to attract Chinese who ‘don’t understand’ park

Hong Kong's Magic Kingdom struggles to attract Chinese who 'don't understand' park - WSJ, February 9, 2006
Li Zeng, a fourteen-year-old Chinese tourist, wandered Hong Kong Disneyland yesterday -- and left after two hours.
Mr. Li isn't that familiar with Mickey Mouse and his companions, and he and his father didn't take any rides, buy souvenirs, or eat food. "We don't understand this park," said the teenager, waiting for his tour bus. "We gave up looking at the map..."
Most mainland Chinese still take vacations through package tours, and they make up about 50% of the Chinese visitors to the park. The guides who direct these tours frequently select hotels, restaurants, shopping stops and even tour destinations based on where they share in the profits. Because of lucrative deals with tour operators, one Hong Kong transvestite cabaret brags that its five-times-a-day $20 show draws more Chinese tourists on a regular basis than Disneyland...
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