Thailand: Friendly, Fun and Becoming Less Free

[Part 2 of the extremely strange ruminations on a trip to Thailand...]

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[Extremely strange ruminations on a trip to Thailand...]
THAILAND: FRIENDLY, FUN, AND BECOMING LESS FREE - Free Market News, February 1, 2006
...Seriously, any family would love to be able to take a Thai gal home and store her away until needed for greeting guests and providing festiveness at special occasions...
We saw a lot of American men in their fifties hanging around with these gals too. Perhaps Thailand is not a good place for a man to go alone, unless he is single and hoping to marry one of these gems---at least after (Lord willing) converting them to Christianity...
...seeing a dozen different Buddhist temples (most of the older ones with hundreds of decapitated stone idols) and floating for three hours up a polluted river (that features scenery not unlike a river trip from Memphis to Cape Girardeau) is just a waste of time. Besides, it is discouraging to watch so many people lost in their sin and worshipping stone statues and gold-overlaid brass Buddhas twenty feet tall. Some of their Buddha idols are reclining (chiseled to reflect when the "lord" Buddha had gotten old and tired)...

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