Tale of two newspapers: Chilling or lust?

Tale of two newspapers: Chilling or lust? - January 6, 2006
The Post has a much franker story than the Nation...

'Lost' model was chilling on the beach - The Nation, January 06, 2006
Following a massive search, police yesterday located a Brazilian model on a popular beach. She was unharmed...
He quoted Rierro as saying that she voluntarily went out with two Thai men. Before she was located, the men on Wednesday night reported themselves to police to declare their innocence. They said they did not lure Rierro.

'A tale of two newspapers' archives

Missing model's night of lust - Bangkok Post, January 6, 2006
...Miss Rosini wanted to stay over but Mr Sanchai did not want to bother his parents. He then took her to a motel where they had sex which Mr Sanchai insisted was totally consensual.
The next morning, Miss Rosini told Mr Sanchai she wished to join a friend who was vacationing in Koh Samui. He bought her a ferry ticket, gave her some pocket money, drove her to the pier and saw her off on her journey.
...Pol Maj-Gen Santhan Chayanont said Miss Rosini told him on Koh Samui that she had gone with the men and slept with Mr Sanchai of her own free will.

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