$2-BN TAKEOVER: PM’s clan agrees to sell Shin Corp. to Singapore

[Note from 2012: After a year of PAD protests that had little effect on Thaksin or the public, it was the massive sale of Shin Corp that finally ignited widespread public ire against Thaksin.
Update: Several readers pointed out that the protest movement at the time was not yet called "PAD." The anti-Thaksin gatherings at the time were public stagings of Sondhi's political affairs show that had been taken off the air by the government.]
$2-BN TAKEOVER: PM's clan agrees to sell Shin to S'pore - The Nation, January 13, 2006
Shin Corp denies reports of sell-off by Thai PM's family - TODAYonline, January 11, 2006
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One Response to $2-BN TAKEOVER: PM’s clan agrees to sell Shin Corp. to Singapore

  1. StanG says:

    PAD didn’t officially exist then, it was mainly Sondhi L’s followers, and they’ve been out since August, 2005, not a year.

    Chamlong et al joined in after that sale and so PAD was born.

    Unless the memory is also failing me.

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