MTV’s “Whatever Things”

MTV's "Whatever Things" - January 3, 2006
Don writes: Have you seen MTV's "Whatever Things"? We don't have cable, but for some reason our building pipes in MTV out of Tawain and a couple other networks. "Whatever Things" is actually based here in Bangkok, at least for this season, and it's stupid and funny both. A bunch of guys and an Indian girl playing weird pranks.
Best is the Tourist Police segment. Two of them dress up as Thai cops, and accompanied by real police, they go to Khao San Road and stop tourists for weird reasons. Tonight they tried to fine two female South Korean tourists 2,000 baht for walking across the street (Khao San Road). The Indian girl, dressed in a wedding dress, was going up to farangs at The Emporium and Siam Discovery Center's Au Bon Pain and screaming why did they not show up for their wedding.
It's on twice a weekend. Saturday night at 9:00pm, then they rerun it on Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm.
They are into season reruns now. They capped the season off a couple of weeks ago by fastening a bunch of helium balloons to one of them and floating him over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor. They even showed the HK police coming out to see what was going on.
Our hands-down favorite stunt was in the season's final episode, when two of the guys dressed up as ladyboys and tried to pick up men in Soi Cowboy. They actually picked up this little Thai man, and I mean physically lifted him up in the air, and started running off with him. He was freaking out and screaming for help. We were rolling.

According to MTV Thailand's show schedule it is on tonight at 19:30. Something about the show here and here.
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