COMMENT: Rape is almost never about sex

COMMENT: Rape is almost never about sex - Bangkok Post, January 18, 2006
...Perhaps these men are committing the criminal act that proves they are men because they don't feel like men at all. In cities like the ones where the recent rapes occurred, when motorcycle drivers and fishermen look around they probably see two things: glamourous resorts where foreigners are making or spending more money than they'll ever know, and foreigners luring their women away with the very same commodity. Do some common Thai men who have been left out of tourism's prosperity feel angst about being at the bottom of everything? Probably. Are they mad about the money and the men? It would be hard not to be.
In the Horton case, news stories have reported the two rapists boasting about their disgusting and despicable deed afterwards as if it was something worth praise. One has to wonder: Is raping foreign women their way of settling the score?
We can only speculate, but if this is true, and it's certainly a possibility, something needs to be done, and all the executions in Thailand won't be enough of a deterrent in stopping such sex crimes. These men are poor, irate, powerless and unafraid of punishment. It's been proven the reason why most people don't commit crimes is not because they don't want to do the act, it's because they fear the punishment. For these rapists, life as a free but lesser man must not be much better than one behind bars.
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