Name changes of roads and lanes in Bangkok

Name changes of roads and lanes in Bangkok - translated and summarized by Wisarut Bholsithi from Thairath, January 16, 2006

Deupty BMA City Clerk Ratthaphon Methanathaworn said that after the discussion with the Highway Department, BMA has decided to change the names of the folowing roads and lanes.

1) (Old) Kaset - Nawamin -> (New) Prasoed Manookrit from Kaset Intersection to Nawamin Intersection with total distance of 9.10 km.

2) Upgrading Sangkhom Songkrau Lane (Soi Sangkhom Songkrau - AKA Chokchai 4 Soi 6 to Sangkhom Songkrau Road (Thanon Sangkhom Songkrau) even though it is a 2-lane road. This is due to the fact that Thanon Sangkhom Songkrau has become a shortcut linking Chokchai 4 Road (Lad Phrao 55 Road) with Lad Phrao 71 Road as well as Pradit Manootham Road (Ram Indra- At Narogn Expressway) with a distance of 1.4 km.

3) Changing Trimit Road in Samphanthawongse district (Bangkok Chinatown) to "Thanon Mitraphab Thai -Chin" (AKA Sino-Thai Friendship Road) as the commemoration for 30 years diplomatic relations between Thailand and mainland China.

All changes have to be done by May 2006.
Furthermore, BMA has agreed in pinciple that they should introdue number on the lanes (sois) in Yaowaraj Road from Odean Circle (now Chinatown Gate) to Ratchawongse intersection.
The left side would be Yaowaraj Soi 1, 3, 5 while the right side (from Odean Circle) is Yaowaraj Soi 2, 4, 6. The old names of Sois would be preserved within brackets on the signs.
However, Songsaawat Road and Phadung Dao Road would not change into numbered lanes for Yaowaraj Road. However, the final approval would is pending.
The plan to change Soi Inthamara into Soi Sutthisarn to be in line with Suthisarn Road has been suspended for a while until the decision from the Adminsitration Court has been handed down after the Inthamara family has filed the case in Adminsitration Court.