Oishi to expand restaurants, beverages

Oishi to expand restaurants, beverages - The Nation, January 26, 2006
A reader sends this link and comments: "I've noticed a pattern. There's a core of occurrences being blamed for EVERYTHING. Now it's bad green-tea sales. This story blames it on, once again, "higher oil prices, bird flu, the aftermath of the tsunami." Did the bottles get swept away, I wonder?"
...Tan said he would like to maintain Oishi green tea's leading position in the domestic market for the next three to five years. "The total market for bottled green-tea drinks last year was lower than my expectations," said Tan. "There were many negative factors hurting sales, including higher oil prices, bird flu and the aftermath of the tsunami. Plus the government order to all green-tea beverage manufacturers to reduce retail prices led to confusion among consumers about the price of the products," said Tan...
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