Thaksin’s comments on the SEA Games judging

More on Thaksin's comments on the SEA Games judging
br> Thailand apologizes for SEAG outburst - The Philippine Star, December 2, 2005
Thai sports officials apologized to the Philippines yesterday for the remarks reportedly made by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra complaining about the alleged unfair officiating in the ongoing 23rd Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) in Manila.
Chaiyapak Siriwat, vice president of the Thailand Olympic Council, extended his apologies to Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) president Jose "Peping" Cojuangco and other members of the Southeast Asian Games Federation Council (SEAGF) over the issue.
"The report was inappropriate and I feel sorry for this. On behalf of the Thailand Sports Council, I apologize for whatever inconvenience brought about by the senseless report," Siriwat told the SEAG Federation Council meeting at the Hyatt Hotel yesterday...

Two Thai aquatics officials sacked - Inquirer News Service, December 2, 2005
...At least two of Thailand's aquatics officials have been sanctioned by the FINA (international aquatics federation) for "shady judging," among other things, according to Philippine Amateur Swimming Association president Mark Joseph yesterday.
...In water polo, Joseph said another Thai referee was banned from the deck because of "intentional bad calls and unfair player exclusions."
The referee "destroyed the Vietnam team" and was never allowed to be on the deck again by FINA neutral delegate Khosrow Amini of Iran, he said...

Thai 'palusot'
- ABS-CBN, December 1, 2005
...Still, more gold medals are up for grabs -- and the Thais could yet overtake the Vietnamese and the Filipinos in the medal standings when the Games come to a close on December 5. But even if that were to happen, Thaksin and the Thai sports officials who supplied him with the information about the alleged cheating going on in the 23rd SEAG have already left a bad taste in the mouth.
For all Thaksin knows, the Thai sports officials may just have been feeding him with excuses to explain away their delegation's less than stellar performance. Even the Vietnamese have so far been garnering more golds than the Thais. Does this mean the Vietnamese have been cheating the Thais, too?...
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