Dark News debut on Komchadluek.net

"Dark News" debut on Komchadluek.net - The Nation, December 6, 2005
Check out the website www.komchadluek.net Wednesday, and you will find the first issue of "Dark News", Thailand's first online newspaper that you can count on in a state of turmoil.
Despite its name, it will shine a light on every dark corner in society that is waiting to be revealed. "Dark News" investigates and unmasks those issues that have been covered up. It provides you challenging news stories and analyses in Thai, in an extraordinary form.
"Dark News" comes in colourful pages - like the newspaper - that allow you to discover things that have been hidden, just as in the actual newspaper you trust.
Besides news stories and analyses of current events, "Dark News" provides a platform for you to express your opinions or share information with the "Dark News" team so that they can help find out the truth for you.
Behind "Dark News" are teams of reporters and analysts who have experienced all kinds of political climates. More importantly, they all believe in the ideology of providing constructive investigative media as a voice for the people that doesn't depend on political or business interests.
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