The Nation names the PM as the mystery man

The Nation names the PM as the mystery man - December 17, 2005
[This tongue-in-cheek Nation article is the closest thing we have seen in English that clearly states what the internet is buzzing about--and even Ekkayuth's sensational website would not say--that the person who is being accused of impregnating an MP is the Prime Minister.]
OFF THE BENCH: Confessions of a mystery paramour - The Nation, December 17, 2005
...The prosecutor then produced a list of my personal encounters with the leader, which showed that I had actually met him once during a press conference at Government House. I recalled trying to be flirtatious, sitting in the front row with a sinister plan to uncross my legs in front of him a la Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct".
But I never got the chance, because the leader quickly held up his X-sign. I must admit, I initially thought the X-sign suggested something a little more titillating...
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