‘Dark news’ about the Phan Waen Fah literature award

'Dark news' about the Phan Waen Fah literature award - translated and summarized from Dark News, Komchadluek, Issue 22, December 22, 2005
Southern problems have also wrecked havoc on literature circles since the head of the literature committee--MP Dr. Lalita Roeksamran--has decided to give first prize for the Phan Waen Fah literature award to another writer since the writer who got the highest votes wrote a work that criticizes authority as well as TRT politicians. This kind of despotic action by Dr. Lalita to please "the Leader" [derisive nickname for PM Thaksin] and his men in Khaki has outraged most members of the literature committee including Master Nawarat Phongphaibun [Master of Thai poets] and they are going to boycott the next annual Phan Waen Fah literature award.
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