“Your bus pass to a world of freedom”

"Your bus pass to a world of freedom" - The Nation, December 31, 2005
And odd transit-related opinion piece from The Nation... This picture of buses does not sound like the writer is used to riding Thai buses.
Buses provide a valuable service, one that involves much more than getting you from point A to point B. You can even say it is a form of freedom. With the availability of public buses, you no longer have to drive and put up with all of the hassles that come with driving, such as finding a parking space or observing traffic rules. The most important benefit of buses over other means of transportation is not just that they are cheaper, but that they can act not only as a means, but also as a medium...
...One example of this is a country’s prosperity, which is shown by economic indicators, but which is grounded in such areas as basic education and sound infrastructure. A bus company that aims not only at making a profit, but also at helping to ease traffic problems and making life in the city easier in the end becomes profitable as well as popular. Such a company can also draw its competitors into its scheme and thereby make new business partnerships and perhaps even save on operating costs...

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