World’s most polluted city?

World's most polluted city? - December 31, 2005
Conor points out that the phrase "world's most polluted city" has been applied to almost every major city over the years. A Google search of the phrase reveals many cities mentioned as "world's most polluted," such as New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Athens, Calcutta, Tehran, Raipur, Los Angeles, Taiyuan, Lanzhou, Dzerzhinsk, Chongqing, Dhaka, Cairo, Benxi, Beijing, Norilsk and perennial favorite Mexico City.
Considering the many major industrial areas in China and India undergoing unchecked expansion, not to mention post-Soviet far eastern cities, it is probably unlikely that Bangkok is among the world's most polluted in any category.
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Danny comments: An interesting article, particularly as it mentions Bangkok as second most polluted city. Good juxtaposition between Bangkok and Jakarta on the BRT front...they are racing ahead with new lines whilst Bangkok lags.
2005: Tough year for motorists and commuters alike - The Jakarta Post, December 26, 2005
...Keeping private cars off the streets would ease traffic jams and reduce air pollution in the capital, which is the World's third most polluted city after Mexico City and Bangkok...
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