Mysterious Company Wins Massive Airport Contract

'Frobisher' NOT 'Forbisher' - December 30, 2005
Nils writes: A search for "Frobisher" at the link that you gave yields Reg. No. 199700311R.

Right: Mystery firm Frobisher's shareholders

(Source: Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore)
Elusive contractor breaks her silence - The Nation, January 13, 2006
The elusive woman behind the company that won the lucrative ground-services contract at Suvarnabhumi Airport has broken her silence while allegations of questionable dealings surround her company.
Rawadi Jantawit, who owns 50,000 shares in Singapore-based Frobisher Pte Co Ltd, this week granted Nation Weekender an exclusive interview about her life and business dealings.
The weekly news magazine's January 16 issue hits news-stands today.
Most of the interview involves Rawadi's other business, Maxima Master Co Ltd, the licensed producer of Maxima in-built furniture, of which she is managing director.
Rawadi flatly refused to discuss Frobisher and granted the interview on the condition the subject would not be broached...

A little sleuthing reveals true identities of new bag-handler
- The Nation, December 27, 2005
...However, using a little imagination, it is most likely that Forbisher, which is a nonsensical name in English, is a misspelling. It is far more likely that the correct name is Frobisher, an old English name, as in Sir Martin Frobisher, the 16th-century explorer who became the first man to navigate the Northwest Passage.
A quick 5-Singaporean-dollar (Bt123) search on line with the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority for Frobisher Pte Ltd and bingo! It is a live company registered in Singapore in 1997 with paid-up capital of S$100,000 and a registered address of 128 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088535. There are two shareholders, who are also the company's two directors: Lee Shwu Fang, a Singaporean permanent resident, and Rawadi Jantawit, a Thai national who resides in Bang Kapi, Bangkok.

Earlier: What is Forbisher Pte. Co. Ltd.? - December 29, 2005
Forbisher Pte. Co. Ltd. is an "obscure Singapore firm" (Mystery firm gets airport windfall, The Nation, December 20, 2005) that won the contract for ground services at the new airport.
We attempted to look it up in the Singapore Business Directory (Here and here - Directory of Business, Company and Limited Liability Partnership Names - This is a comprehensive listing of names of all business firms, local companies, foreign companies and limited liability partnerships (LLP) registered in Singapore), but there seems to be no record of it...
We had hoped to publish their incorporation papers in the same way we posted the incorporation papers of the Phuket Pass Project Limited, a company created to conduct the Kra Canal study. Another mysterious contract-winning company from this year was Quatrotec.

Update: The house likely to haunt Suvarnabhumi authorities - The Nation, December 29, 2005
...Rawadi is one of the two shareholders in Frobisher, having held the same amount of shares as the firm's Singaporean director since June 23. According to the official Singaporean document, she has a registered address at 1330 Nawamin Road, Klong Chan, Bang Kapi, Bangkok.
With the help of the post office, the address was traced to this deserted two-storey house, which shows no address number.
..."An episode of the television programme about mysteries - Miti Pissawong - was also shot here," the neighbour said...
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