Press Release: Bring the Elephant HOME Education Tour starts

Press Release: Bring the Elephant HOME Education Tour starts - December 28, 2005
Bring the Elephant HOME, a Dutch organisation founded by Antoinette van de Water has started her education tour. Together with two elephants the "elephant rescue team", total of 8 people, will make their way through the heart of Thailand (including Ayuthaya, Lopburi and Sukhothai). The group will stay at temples and will hold workshops at local primary schools. Showing the beauty of the elephants and the Thai culture the team hopes to raise awareness about the importance of nature conservation and the problem of elephants on the street.
Bring the Elephant HOME was founded as an educational and publicity campaign to support the elephants in Thailand...
For more information about this project, footage or tour details please contact:
Mr. Viritphon Chaiwong (Thai): 01 2890563
Ms. Antoinette van de Water (English): 01 5680571
Or check our website:
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