German Sutterlin Script on a Postcard

(Photo: Postcard circa 1945 from the collection)

Above: Two views of the Golden Mount from Phan Fa Bridge

Message on the card - January 10, 2006
Dick van der Spek translated the Dutch message on the back of this card. The card was sent from within Europe. It reads:
Dear Nank and niece,
Because it is next Sunday 21 Oktober fun fair, I take freedom to invite you, so we expect you without any problems Sunday or Monday.
Receive also the best wishes from us all
your niece Anna Neijens
Address: Mr. Jacob Heelen

(Photo: Undated postcard from the collection)

(Photo: Postcard circa 1909)

More on German Sutterlin script - January 6, 2006
Wolfgang writes about the postcard written in Suetterlin script: Your Comment is: Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year from your friend.... Well, it is almost correct. Exact translation is: "Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year wishes your friend K. Jubel" (I learned to read and write Suetterlin at primary school, about 1960) Cheers to you, keep up the fabulous work with your website!

Earlier: Translation of the "Greeting from Siam" card - December 27, 2005
ncr writes about the postcard above: ...That's the already mentioned old-fashioned German Sutterlin script once again, and the card reads "Frohliche Weihnachten und Gluck im neuen Jahr wunscht dir dein Freund K......" (Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year from your friend.... (I cannot actually read that, but it's quite easy to guess the words; however, I cannot decipher the name, though my 90-year-old grandmother probably could). As for the date - 26 November 1909 - well, I think back in those times, before the arrival of air mail services, you had to send such things 4 weeks in advance....!
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