Thaksin meets the press – in court

Thaksin meets the press - in court - Asia Times Online, November 2, 2005
Once upon a time, Thailand was known to have a free and open press. Not anymore. In the 2005 Worldwide Press Freedom Index, released last month by Paris-based Reporters Without Borders and ranking 167 countries, Thailand shows up at a far from flattering 107th place, behind post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia and post-Suharto Indonesia.
As far as the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) is concerned, the issue is clear-cut. "More than anything, or anybody else, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra should take the blame for this dismaying portrayal of Thailand as a country where the press is suddenly under a dark cloud," says SEAPA executive director Roby Alampay. Whenever billionaire tycoon Thaksin, his government, or his family's and friends' companies don't like what the Thai press has to say about them, they tend to sue. Big time...
On October 11, Thaksin again filed a lawsuit in both criminal and civil courts against Manager Media Group, publisher of the Manager Daily newspaper, and two of its executives, seeking an additional 500 million baht for defamation. The reason: severe criticism of the government in a public sermon by respected, senior Buddhist monk Luangta Maha Bua published in the newspaper on September 27.
According to Thaksin's chief lawyer, Thana Benjathikul, claiming a total of $24 million in damages makes sense because of Thaksin's "very high social status as the prime minister"...
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