Taiwan’s Chen low, but few blame him for scandal

Taiwan's Chen low, but few blame him for scandal - Angus Reid, November 2, 2005
The 'scandal' of the exploited Thai subway workers continues to haunt the Taiwanese president. Locally, it barely caused a ripple.
...The United Daily News poll was conducted after revelations that former presidential office deputy secretary-general Chen Che-nan was allegedly involved in an illegal profiteering scheme between the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. (KRTC) and brokerage firm Huapan Co. that exploited Thai labourers working on a railway project.
The story broke after television station TVBS showed a November 2002 photograph where Chen Che-nan and former KRTC vice-chairman Chen Min-hsien are sitting together at a casino table in South Korea's Cheju Island. On Oct. 30, Chen Che-nan was formally expelled from the MCT...
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